NYLON, A Family Business


“In those times you had only Rayon.
They used to produce it in northern Italy. When it got wet, it started to fall apart.

As a child, I used to collect parachutes from the fields to sell them at the market.

Then in ‘43, something new started to rain down from the heavens. It was sturdy, waterproof and elastic.
Strange things fell from the sky in times of misery..”

My grandfather Ermanno comes from a saddlers’ Family.

“Al Sler“ so they called his grandfather Giuseppe and so them called his Father Romano.
With Nylon, seen for the first time thanks to parachutes left on the fields by the American soldiers landed in Emilia, my grandfather built his fortune.
I’m a saddler.


Berlin 2016 

Mixmedia Installation 

IIWW American Parachute,Metal ,Motors, 

Schermata 2016-08-04 alle 23.36.46Nylon Front